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A century and a half of history backs the fine optical products Zeiss has provided from the city of Jena in Germany. Formed by Carl Zeiss and Ernst Abbe in 1855, Zeiss was the first company to design lenses through the scientific principles of physics and the wave theory of optics.


During the ravages of the second World War, Zeiss provided many of the optical products used by the German army – including periscopes, field glasses, and of course rifle scopes. A pair of Zeiss field glasses were famously used by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, and several hundred collectors claim to own that pair of field glasses.

With the division of Germany in the aftermath of the war, Zeiss split into the Carl Zeiss company in Oberkochen and the Schott Glaswerke in Mainz. Until 1990, the companies operated in a largely independent fashion, but within weeks of the reunification they united again under the banner of Zeiss Germany.

The innovations issuing from Zeiss attracted the most public and media attention in the scientific realm, with the creation of new telescopy and microscopy technologies, including major improvements to the electron microscope and instruments used in the space probe “Galileo.”


Less noticeable, however, were the improvements Zeiss made to the military equipment – including some of the finest sniper rifle optics ever created, and excellent night vision accessories.

Zeiss scopes offer the same high-quality features you expect in a scope; O-ring seals, nitrogen fill for fogproofing, and truely waterproof seals. In addition, they offer the lifetime transferable warranty, allowing even secondary owners to retain the benefits of Zeiss warranty service.

When considering rifle scopes, Zeiss offers unparalleled quality; lower weight, increased fields of vision, and greater ranges of magnification are par for the course in every Zeiss product line.

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