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When most people think of Swarovski, they think of the elegant crystal goblets, or perhaps high-end costume jewelry. But to the sportsman, Swarovski means some of the finer rifle scopes on the market.

Since 1959, Swarovski has produced rifle scopes, and the lenses have been among the finest anywhere. Using more than 70 types of glass, the Austrian company produces lenses of such clarity and brilliance, they have won several awards – including Field and Stream’s “Best of the Best” award in 1998.


Among the rifle scope innovations pioneered by Swarovski are recoil systems to prevent eye injury when shooting – even when firing upward, a limitation of some other systems – and microstructure ribbing inside the tube to increase contrast by cutting down on reflection.

Another innovation in recent years has been the Swarovski Rail, introduced in 2004. This mounting mechanism – a decidedly unglamorous element of the rifle scope, to most people – provides more reliable mounting, and rapid switch of the scope from one rifle to another.

The improved system also allows scopes to be mounted lower on the rifle body… improving precision, handling, and balance. No holes need to be drilled in the rifle when mounting a scope using the Swarovski rail.

The Z6 series in particular has gained great attention recently, as it offers the single greatest zoom factor available on the market. Winner of the NRA American Rifleman publication’s Golden Bullseye Award in 2008 for Best Optic, among other accolades, Swarovski’s Z6 rifle scope is a leader in the field.

After only a few minutes with a Swarovski scope, even before it is mounted – let alone used – you will know why Swarovski is synonymous with quality. The care and attention to detail in Swarovski scopes is clear from every angle, and promises years of sturdy and reliable service.

Swarovski scopes aren’t for everyone as they are a fairly expensive brand, but they are one of the finest optical instruments that you can buy.

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