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Nightforce Optics was found in 1992 and is based in Orifino, Idaho. Unlike most rifle scope manufacturers, Nightforce entered the riflescope market in a somewhat unique way.

In 1992, Nightforce set out to build the best rifle scope on the market. Instead of entering the market with an affordable line of scopes to build a customer base, Nightforce jumped right into the high end precision shooting market.


Their approach was to build a top of the line scope from the ground up using the best materials and workmanship. Each scope is basically hand assembled in the Idaho production facility.  Before the scope even makes it to the testing and quality control phase of production, it has to pass a rigorous 70 point checklist. After that each scope is hand checked for craftsmanship and performance.

Nightforce utilizes some of the most grueling quality control measures that exist in the rifle scope market. If a part or component is off by so much as 1/30th of an inch (about the width of a eyelash), it’s deemed to be defective. This commitment to quality has quickly moved Nightforce to the forefront of precision rifle scopes.

When the company first started producing scopes, they were designed to target the needs of military special forces and law enforcement SWAT agencies who needed the most dependable and best performing rifle scope they could afford. Over time, the company has added additional rifle scope models that are designed for other uses like long range hunting and competitive benchrest shooting.


The Nightforce line is really designed for the serious shooter, military or law enforcement professional, or serious hunter. It’s not priced or produced for the weekend hunter.

Just to give you some idea of the quality and accuracy associated with a Nightforce scope, there are a number of existing world record scores in precision long range shooting that were done with a Nightforce; including several world records in .50 B.M.G. 1000 yard benchrest.

Having had the chance to own and shoot a Nightforce myself, I can tell you that they are nothing short of amazing. Once you try one, I almost guarantee you will want one. They certainly aren’t cheap, but are one of the most well built scopes I’ve ever seen. With Nightforce, you aren’t buying a name, you are buying performance.

Here are a couple of Nightforce scopes that are currently for sale. If you don’t see the model you are looking for, please consider using our “Search” function on the upper right side of the page.

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