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Support staff at Leupold’s facility in Beaverton, Oregon were surprised to find a number of rifle sights being returned for service… which were not actually genuine Leupold sights.


It seems that a number of counterfeit sights have been manufactured in Hong Kong and China, and sold through various methods – primarily over the internet. This is, of course, a matter of great concern to anyone wanting a genuine Leupold scope! How can you be certain that the scope you buy is, in fact, a genuine Leupold product?

First, all of the counterfeit Leupold scopes have been the Mark 4 models. Other counterfeits may be out there, but everything seen thus far by Leupold staff have been the Mark 4.

The first and most obvious place to look is on the adjustment dial, which will not include the antiqued brass Leupold medallion. The counterfeit scopes all have a bare black center on the adjustment dials.

Additionally, the objective ring is etched in white on black, and does not say “Leupold.” All authentic Leupold sights have black on black objective rings, with “Leupold” engraved on the ring. Finally, the “Leupold” logo and “Mark 4” are laser engraved in silver on the bottom of the turret.

Counterfeiting on the internet is rampant, and it is always worth a little effort to ensure that what you are getting is a real Leupold sight. Checking these three basic features of the sight you ordered can easily discern whether you have been duped, or are in fact the proud owner of a genuine Leupold sight.

When in doubt, all scopes sold by Leupold either directly or through an authorized dealer are tracked, and the serial number will confirm whether it is in fact a Leupold-manufactured rifle sight. By calling 1-800-LEUPOLD, Leupold’s staff will be glad to confirm any valid serial number as genuine.

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