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Weaver scopes is one of the oldest scope manufacturers  in the United States, and is currently owned and operated by Meade Instruments.  The company was originally founded by William Ralph Weaver in Newport, Kentucky.  The company was originally called W.R. Weaver Company and was started in 1930. Mr. Weaver’s first scope was a small 3/4″ tube model that had a simple 3 power.  Weaver’s original scope model became very popular because most comparable scopes at that time were produced in Germany and were very expensive. The original Weaver 3X model was much less expensive, but had a similar performance to the German models.

William R. Weaver built the W.R. Weaver Company on a simple vision: produce affordable, high quality riflescopes that were produced entirely in the United States. Weaver also went as far to ensure that all the parts that went into each Weaver scope were also made in the United States. Weaver’s vision and pricing met a growing need in the U.S., so the company experienced rapid growth from the late 1930’s to the late 1940’s. By 1950, Weaver was the top selling scope maker in the United States, out selling every other US and European scope manufacturer.

Weaver experienced some growing pains during and after World War II, and Mr. Weaver was forced to sell the company in 1968. The Weaver company and related scope patents changed hands several times until it was purchased by Meade Instruments in 1999.

Behind Meade’s attention to detail and commitment to quality, the current Weaver scope offerings are probably the best ever. Currently Weaver features a number of different series of scopes that cover most all shooting and hunting needs.

Those models include:

  • Target/Varmint Series – Built for the benchrest shooters or long range shooters, the Target/Varmint series scopes are made for incredibly accuracy and focus.  The adjustable objective lens creates parallax-free shooting without having to move the scope away from the intended target.  You can either select a fine crosshair or dot reticle and each of these scopes comes with an extra pair of large bench rest adjustment knobs, a sunshade and a screw-in metal lens cap. Some of the newer Target and Varmint models are also available in a fixed power as well.
  • V-Series – Designed predominately for hunting, the V-Series offers a variable power, allowing you to use them in many different situations.  The low power settings provide you with a huge field of view.  You can easily change the power with a raised sure-grip power adjustment ring, which allows you to easily alter the power quickly even with cumbersome gloves or cold hands.  This series features a long eye relief, multi-coated lenses, and a one-piece construction.
  • Classic Handgun Scopes – The Weaver handgun scope series are built to maintain their accuracy and reliability even with the recoil of a powerful handgun.  They come with anywhere from 4 inches to 12 inches of eye relief and have a one-piece tube construction and multi-coated lenses. The long eye relief makes the Weaver a great choice for any long range handgunning.
  • Shotgun Scopes – These scopes are made for shotgun lovers and work perfectly with the shotgun.  They include a one-piece construction that helps to keep the lenses in alignment, even with the heavy recoil of a shotgun.  They have a long eye relief and a multi-coated lens to reduce glare and increase brightness.
  • Fixed K-Series Scopes – The fixed power K series is one of Weaver’s least expensive models.  This model has the fewest moving parts of any Weaver model which allows them to remain durable for more seasons of use.  They include all of the main features of other scopes, with multi-coated lenses, a one-piece construction and waterproof, fogproof and shockproof features.
  • Grand Slam Series – The Grand Slam series is considered to Weaver’s top of the line scope model. It’s designed to compete with high end German scopes at half the price. These scopes come with the proprietary Weaver Micro-Trac 4 point adjustment system, fully multi-coated lenses, and a fast-focus eyepiece adjustment ring.  These scopes are particularly helpful in low-light situations.  It has a one-piece construction, and is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof.

Should you decide on a Weaver model, you are purchasing a scope brand with over 75 years of experience. You really can’t go wrong with a Weaver scope.

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