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Articles and posts about various scope topics for both beginners and experienced shooters.

  • Understanding Parallax in Rifle Scopes

    You see the term often used when describing scopes, but what exactly is parallax? More importantly, what does it mean in terms of rifle scopes? Parallax describes a situation where the focal plane of the object in the scope is offset from the reticle. If you have parallax, you basically have an optical illusion of…

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  • Choosing a Rifle Scope

    I was having a conversation with a fellow hunter over coffee a few weeks ago and he asked what kind and power of rifle scope did I recommend? While that sounds like a somewhat simple question, it really isn’t. I say that as I needed to know more information before even beginning to make a…

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  • Objective Lens Diameter

    Objective lens diameter is the diameter of the objective or front lens measured in millimeters (mm).  This figure is generally shown at the second figure in a scope configuration.  For example, a 4X32 scope has a magnification power of 4 and a 32mm diameter objective lens.  A 6X42 has a 42mm diameter objective lens. The lines in…

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  • Scope Magnification or Power

    Scope magnification is a multiplication measurement compared to the average naked eye. Basically the magnification number determines how many times better you will see an object than with your naked eye. Magnification is typically the first number that you see in scope performance. For example, a 4X32 scope has a four power magnification which means…

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  • Scope Lens Coatings

    All scope lenses are made from glass as it provides the clearest optical image. However, any time light strikes a glass surface, a certain amount on the light is reflected away. The reflection reduces the amount of light passing through the lens, which impacts the brightness. Lens coating refers to the microscopic layer of chemical…

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  • Rifle Scopes Reticles

    A reticle is the pattern (which can vary) placed in the eyepiece of the scope which establishes the gun’s position on the target. Reticles can be made from fine wire or etched into the glass itself. Reticles come in a wide variety of variations that range from simple traditional style crosshairs all the way to…

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